Hi! my name is Taiwo

I automate business processes

by leveraging technology to build full stack web applications that can digitize business processes to drive profit. A few tools I use to achieve these are:

Amazon Web Services
Google API
Web Automation
Web Scraping

Selected Works

Fun stuff and projects for companies I have worked with
Hacker News

Hacker News App

The Django-based Hackernews application utilizes Celery and Redis for asynchronous data collection from the Hacker News API, ensuring up-to-date information. Users can view recent posts, apply filters for efficient data retrieval, and even add custom news content independent of Hacker News. The project showcases technical skills in handling external APIs, asynchronous processing, and delivering a seamless user experience. It stands as a sophisticated and dynamic news aggregator platform, highlighting innovation and versatility in web development.


SP-API Internal Business Tool

At SMH Enterprise, the primary tool utilized is the SP-API Business tool, which is integrated into the company's technology infrastructure to automate various processes with SP-API (formerly known as Amazon MWS).The tool offers numerous features however, the full functionality of the solution cannot be disclosed due to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Django RestFramework
SP-API Internal Business Tool
Support Desk App

Support Ticket App

Built with the MERN stack, the application helps users communicate issues (in the form of tickets) and keep track of and manage the lifecycle of the issues.The front-end application uses Redux to manage its states.


Currency Converter App

The currency converter app is an API solution built with FastAPI that utilizes the latest mid-market rate from the popular currency exchange platform, Wise, to provide accurate conversion results. Developers can send to the respective endpoints the desired amount and select the currencies they wish to convert, and the app will return the equivalent value in the selected currencies using the real-time exchange rate obtained from Wise.

For more information please refer to the API Documentation.
Please Note: Some of the endpoints are protected with API Keys

FastAPI (Python)
Currency Converter App
Marketplace App

House Marketplace App

The website is designed with a mobile-first approach, providing an optimal experience on mobile devices or smaller screens. Firebase is used for user authentication and the Firestore NoSql database is employed for basic CRUD operations.

React JS

Weather Forecast App

The front-end application integrates with the Google GeoLocation API to obtain geolocation coordinates and the OpenWeather Weather API for weather forecasting data. Additionally, the website has been optimized for mobile devices or smaller screens by implementing a mobile-first design approach

Tailwind CSS
OpenWeather API
Google Geolocation API
Weather App
Github Finder App

Github Finder Application

The application, built using React JS and utilizing custom context and reducers, allows for the retrieval of basic user information from Github through its API. It also offers the ability to search for Github users by keyword and view their basic profile information

React JS
Tailwind CSS
GitHub API

Testimonials & Feedback

Hear out what previous employers and colleagues have to say about me
Clear and Concise Outcome
 I have worked with Taiwo for a few years. He does an amazing job! He works hard up front to define clear requirements, set expectations and then he delivers the original plan. His solutions are well thought out and extensible. Our work together started simple, then expanded over time to a much more mature set of solutions.
Richard McGrew - a previous employer

Richard McGrew

Manager, Prominent Funding, LLC

Goal Oriented
Taiwo's work ethic is amazing. He is highly organized, detail-oriented, and gives his all to meet deadlines. He is a great team player and consistently strives to improve his skills while bringing up ideas on new and innovative ways to enhance his work. I highly recommend Taiwo to anyone looking for a talented software engineer.
Joshua Adegbite

Joshua Adegbite

Design Lead, Triple Four

Goes the extra mile
Taiwo helped us develop our flagship product which was a business training tool for small to medium-sized business owners. Taiwo refactored some of our code base, built in some very complex heat maps, and assisted us with the release into production. At every point Taiwo goes far beyond our expectations.
Alastair - a previous employer

Alastair Williamson-Pound

Founder & CEO, Yugen Digital (UK) Limited